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This blog is intended to share, cooperate with and learn from IT professionals serving the public sector. It is my intent that this blog may evolve to become a public sector industry forum for the exchange of technology advice, reviews, experiences, recommendations and best practices.

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  Government Blogger Purpose

Good IT (information technology) projects are born from clear vision, diligent planning, resourceful execution, project management and measurable goals. I intend for this blog web site to mimic the design, development and refinement process of any other thoughtful IT project.

It's my hope that this blog will solicit the input, suggestions and recommendations of a larger government IT community with broad involvement, common interests and shared benefits. I hope to gather and generate input to form a collective community voice where members can learn from the combined experiences of others.

I encourage input from any person - civil servant, contractor, citizen, vendor or interested party - whose feedback can bring new insight or perspective to any topic included in this blog.

I recognize many web site readers and contributors will have biased views, predisposed opinions, special interests and parochial influences, however, I also believe that this diverse content can add value to the community at large. All relevant interests and content are encouraged and shall be channeled toward our common interests.







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