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This blog is intended to share, cooperate with and learn from IT professionals serving the public sector. It is my intent that this blog may evolve to become a public sector industry forum for the exchange of technology advice, reviews, experiences, recommendations and best practices.

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Government Web 2.0 IT Wiki Release

The Government's use of web 2.0 technology accelerated this week with the release of For an initial release, the wiki is surprisingly strong. Because the site was constructed from the same MediaWiki open source software used to create Wikipedia, it leverages the same recognized user interface, simple organization and intuitive navigation. This public sector wiki is created by members of the Government Information Technology Community and the wiki audience is described as government IT managers, vendors engaged in selling IT solutions to the government and citizens who desire to learn more about government information technology.

The government wiki is supported by volunteers, which currently number about seven regular participants and several occasional contributors. To continue the momentum and make this a relevant, government-wide IT resource, many more volunteers will be needed. There is a participation link on the front page. I intend to be a contributing member and encourage other government IT managers to consider the same.

Posted October 8, 2007 in Web 2.0
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