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This blog is intended to share, cooperate with and learn from IT professionals serving the public sector. It is my intent that this blog may evolve to become a public sector industry forum for the exchange of technology advice, reviews, experiences, recommendations and best practices.

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SAML and Federated Identity Program Make Big Advancement
Posted 12-14-2007
The federal Government's push of SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) as a standardized e-authentication and identity management system moved forward with the help of GSA. More ...

Sun Microsystems Drops GSA
Posted 11-13-2007
The federal Government's push of SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) as a standardized e-authentication and identity management system moved forward with the help of GSA. More ...




FISMA - The Difference Between Compliance and Effective Security
Posted 10-01-2008
FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) is an OMB requirement that kicked off in 2003 and has since resulted in both large amounts of IT spending and those infamous report cards that have embarrassed many federal agencies. More ...

IPv6 Government Progress, Benefits and Concerns
Posted 02-02-2008
I've been speaking with government IT executives and reading the progress reports for the OMB mandate to achieve IPv6 compliance for network infrastructure equipment such as switches, routers and hardware firewalls by the June 30, 2008 deadline. The skinny of the mandate is More ...

IPv6 - T Minus 1 Year
Posted 06-11-2007
It's June and in the government IT world that means that one of the most lack luster but far reaching federal IT initiative deadlines is just one year away. More ...


Government IT Reaches The Cloud
Posted 09-15-20089
With the unexpected delivery of, federal CIO Vivek Kundra and the GSA have demonstrated their firm intent to promote increased adoption and accelerated procurement for cloud computing applications. The e-commerce portal delivers shopping cart functionality and a streamlined click-to-order process for business applications, productivity systems, social media tools and cloud-based IT (information technology) services. More ...


Lean Six Sigma Gains Government Traction
Posted 03-20-2008
After decades of alternating and sometimes overlapping quality discipline methodologies, Lean Six Sigma has taken root among approximately two-thirds of DOD (Department of Defense) organizations and many other federal bureaus. More ...

Advancing Government to e-Government
Posted 09-18-2007
e-Government is moving forward, albeit one agency and project at a time. Thanks in part to Karen Evans (OMB administrator for e-government, shared services and IT initiatives), cross-agency initiatives have taken root and continue to grow. However, for government to truly advance as a single entity with some element of uniformity will require the creation of a political constituency around those strategic initiatives that lay the foundation for future building. More ...


A Plan For The Next Phase of Government Privatization
Posted 8-15-2008
While the scope and volume of outsourcing government services to commercial businesses may vary somewhat, it is clear that no matter who the next President is, government outsourcing will continue - as it should. More ...


GWACs on the Downturn
Posted 4-20-2008
A report released earlier this month by FedSources shows that GWACs (Government Wide Acquisition Contracts) have been on the decline for at least the last three years. From fiscal 2005 through 2007, GWAC spending fell by about 30 percent while at the same time agency-sponsored multiple award contract spending rose more than 40 percent. More ...



WEB 2.0

CIA Top Secret Wiki
Posted 06-15-2008
The CIA's top secret wiki became a little less secret last week. IT officials from the normally reticent Central Intelligence Agency told an overflow audience at the Enterprise 2.0 conference last week about one of the newest technologies being used in intelligence gathering - its Intellipedia wiki. More ...

FBI Implements Wiki
Posted 09-15-2008
The FBI's new internal wiki, called Bureaupedia, is a collection of best practices, lessons learned and subject-matter expertise. Officials see Bureaupedia as a knowledge management solution, deployed within the new mainstream of social media tools, and with the hopes of letting agents and analysts share their experiences and accumulate tacit knowledge that retains with the bureau long after the agents retire. More ...

Government Web 2.0 IT Wiki Release
Posted 10-08-2007
The Government's use of web 2.0 technology accelerated this week with the release of This public sector wiki is created by members of the Government Information Technology Community and the wiki audience is described as government IT managers, vendors engaged in selling IT solutions to the government and citizens who desire to learn more about government information technology. More ...


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