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This blog is intended to share, cooperate with and learn from IT professionals serving the public sector. It is my intent that this blog may evolve to become a public sector industry forum for the exchange of technology advice, reviews, experiences, recommendations and best practices.


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  About Me | A Government IT Enthusiast

Welcome to my blog, thank you for your readership and thanks for taking a moment to learn about me. I've had the privilege to spend my entire professional life in the IT industry. During the last 21 years, the majority of my time has been spent at the executive level of various organizations. Probably like a number of my colleagues, I had no idea what I was getting into when I joined the IT profession two decades ago, but what a ride its been. I love this profession and I hope this blog can share some of my passion as well as some experiences, strategies, lessons learned and best practices from a wider community of like-minded professionals.

To give you an idea of some of stronger technical skills, below is a list of areas where my career has incurred the most time and experience.

  • IT strategy. For about the last nine years I've spent significant time creating Information Systems Plans (ISPs) and aligning government and business objectives with technical support.
  • IT project management. As a long time PMI (project management institute) guy, I find various project methodologies extremely useful and interesting. I subscribe to PMBOK (project management body of knowledge), EVM (earned value management), the Baldrige Framework and a few of the ISO (international standards organizations) standards and methodologies.
  • Selection and implementation of ERP (enterprise resource planning) software systems. I've implemented SAP, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft and Aplicor ERP systems.
  • Selection and implementation of CRM (customer relationship management) software systems. I've implemented Siebel Systems, Onyx, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Aplicor CRM systems.
  • Information security. I've been involved with security for nearly 20 years and really enjoy it. I've developed several ISMS (Information Security Management Systems), performed a number of vulnerability assessments (VA) and penetration (PEN) tests and completed NIST Certification and Accreditation (C&A).
  • Software development. My specialty here is web-based, thin-client software development. While I was initially reluctant, however, my positive experiences now lead me to endorse the on-demand, hosted delivery of business software applications often called software as a service (SaaS).
  • Data center build-out and operation. For the last five years I've been tasked with building out global data centers. I really enjoy this task and have embraced green technology in the data center.


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